IRIS, The project


Developing successful models of relating to others is challenging, particularly to newcomers with different cultural backgrounds. Yet youth workers’ trainings rarely integrate modules on relational issues, on intimacy and sexuality, let alone from an intercultural perspective. As a consequence, not only can they not successfully support the youth they work with in overcoming these challenges, but they themselves may be subjects of relational conflict when trying to find a “good” proximity within their groups.  


The IRIS project seeks practical and playful answer to the above challenges. IRIS is an Erasmus+ project in the domain of Youth, financed through the French National Agency.  


IRIS products 

IRIS will provide practical tools to:  

  • better address youth worker relationship to youngsters, successfully negotiating good proximity to ensure the coherence and safety of the collaboration process; 
  • train youth workers in addressing issues related to relationships, intimacy and sexuality with culturally diverse groups;
  • generate resources youth workers can use with their groups to address relationship conflicts, and to promote safe interactions within the group taking into account cultural differences. 


Resulting resources 

At the end of the project, youth workers will be able to download freely the following training materials (which contain group activities, video-lessons,  curricular programs, etc.):  

  • Book of situations to identify cultural components in conflicts related to relationships, friendships, and intimacy. 
  • Skills to connect with tools to develop youth workers’ own skills or those of the youth they work with. 
  • Book of good proximity with tools to help negotiate appropriate distance and proximity with participants to be able to carry out their mission. 
  • Skills for intimacy with tools for youth workers to address issues related to intimacy with diverse groups of youngsters. 
  • Lessons of intimacy and relationships to help youth workers integrate the above products into their work practice either by establishing specific trainings or by inserting specific sessions into existing collaboration process.


These resources are generated through co-construction workshops that bring together youth and youth workers through the methodologies of critical incident, applied psychology, positive sexuality, process work and theatre of the oppressed to address the complexity of the matter at hand.  


Contact us 

If you wish to know more about the IRIS project, or if you wish to engage in project activities and workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us


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